Drishti NGO - An Introduction

Drishti, as an organization, to help the visually impaired was founded on 15th October, 1995 in the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. It was started with the belief that empowering of the disabled needs to be brought about through education and over a protracted period of time, with requisite support this aim could be realized. Drishti aims at providing a direction to the visually impaired and help them lead a normal life.

Awarded Best NGO in 2008

Since 2004, Drishti is running a School for the blind girls of different age groups. In this school, around 100 girls are getting free residential education without any government support. Besides running many other units for the holistic development of blinds, it also started its Madhya Pradesh center. Drishti has been recognized by the Government of U.P. as the "BEST NGO OF THE YEAR 2008".

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